EDUCATION FOR IMMIGRANTS - Leichter Lernen und Lehren

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Take part in EFI!

"We can do it .." says our chancellor!
What is, however, conceals the fact that the integration of many immigrants (also shortens migrants called) 
only with the help of the German population can work. Even at the basic needs of people as "a roof over his 
head", ordinary regular meals and learn the German language "crunches the system" at all corners and ends.
I urge all "capable" to, with me the project EFI (Education for Immigrants - Education for Immigrants) tackle.
Look at the short presentation in order to obtain more detailed information. Want to get in any way participate 
or do you have questions about the project, then use the contact form.

I firmly believe that we will manage the integration of immigrants together!
Michael Nieruch
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